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Personal Owner Rental Car Partnerships

The Convenience of CARS Rentals.

CARS partners with owners of private vehicles to manage the car rental process allowing an easy daily profit for which you receive regular statements.


CARS manages the reservation, scheduling the arrangements for customers to meet with Owners at a secure location for pickup upon the Owners requests, as well as managing reminders and communications for return or rental extensions.

Owners will need to maintain, at minimum, Liability Insurance coverage on the vehicle, and be committed to keeping all registrations, licenses, tags, permits and coverages current. We require that customers purchase Collision Damage Warranty (CDW) Coverage or maintain personal coverage with every vehicle rented.


Owners are responsible for scheduling and maintaining regular qualified maintenance checks and care for basic vehicle needs such as oil changes, tune-ups, tire pressure levels and consistent cleanliness. Optional management of GPS system and tracking and vehicle emergencies. 

Interested in selling your vehicle to CARS, contact us for that too!

Image by Cytonn Photography
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